Here are some key things to know about shopping:
– Types of stores – Grocery stores for food, general merchandise retailers like Target or Walmart, clothing boutiques, electronics stores, auto parts stores, bookstores, etc. Each focused on specific product categories.
– In-store or online – Products can be purchased in physical stores by visiting or through e-commerce websites and apps for delivery/pickup. Online shopping has grown significantly.
– Browsing aisles – Wandering stores looking at products, comparing options, reading labels or reviews to find items that fit needs/wants. Employees sometimes assist customers.
– Adding to cart – For in-store shopping, items are placed in a cart or basket as the customer selects them. Online, items are added to a digital shopping cart for checkout.
– Paying – At checkout, payment is processed using methods like cash, credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, mobile wallets, etc. Receipt provided.
– Returns/exchanges – If unsatisfied, most stores accept returns within a window for a refund or exchange for another item. Policies vary.
– Loyalty programs – Retailers offer rewards programs where customers earn points on purchases redeemable for statements. Incentivizes repeat visits.
– Deals/coupons – Stores promote sales and distribute paper/digital coupons to entice customers and save them money on targeted items.
– Browsing sparks ideas – Even window shopping can provide inspiration for future purchases and projects around the home or for gifts.
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